I was briefed by Chief of Product & Trading at House of Fraser to create a new, exciting idea for Biba. I wanted to move the brand on from the reign of "influencers", look further for something that both gains publicity and remains true to the brand. I proposed a collaboration with Biba; to reclaim some of the brand's relevance with a larger market and to push the brand into territory it hasn't explored since being a part of House Of Fraser.
I landed on Biba x Dita Von Teese. Dita Von Teese embodies Biba's glamorous, opposite-of-a-wallflower identity, and her burlesque aesthetic gives her the spark that the Biba brand needs injecting for this collab. What you see here is the mood board depicting what the collaboration could look like: a visual translation of my idea. I looked at vintage Biba pin-up playing cards, Pandora Sykes in Paris, House Of Hackney, red patent snakeskin, Miu Miu, 1940s sunglasses and metallic lipstick.
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